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Hubei Center for Disease Control and Prevention is the provincial editorial board approval, the provincial health department directly under the Deputy Department of public welfare institutions set up formally in 2002, health and epidemic prevention in Hubei province was established in 1953 China Medical Sciences Hubei branch in 1958 and the station and its predecessor. Center is located in the Hongshan District of Wuhan zhuodao Quan Bei Lu, covers an area of about 190000 square meters, equipped with 6 public administrative management offices, rooms and 2 deputy director comprehensive business management office (office, health emergency quality technology management office) and the 6 is the level of business, namely transfer on disease prevention, Schistosomiasis Control Research Institute, chronic disease prevention and Control Institute, health monitoring and testing protection, health education, preventive medical information institute. Is the provincial disease of the whole, the largest area of setting up national professional control agency.

    The main performance of the disease prevention and control, the government delivery of public health emergency disposal of epidemic situation report and related factors, health information management, health hazards monitoring and intervention, health education and health promotion, public health service function testing laboratory analysis and evaluation, technology management and Application Research of guidance; at the same time take preventive application science research of medical and public health fields. The province is the pathogenic microorganism testing center, testing center, the poison vaccine storage and distribution center, Center for bioterrorism response technical support anti-terrorism office determined, strong base and system standardization construction and personnel training center  controlled the health the equalization of basic public health services, the patriotic public health, the provincial health department designated. 

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